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As a volunteer, you can create and promote your own NFTs for sustainability, get access to all our E-learning courses, and take decisions about which projects we should support

How it Works

We aim to create a social and environmental consciousness in the tech and digital art young generation. We believe that the new wave of NFTs, cryptocurrencies and meta-verses can support millions of causes around the real world. This is why we invite Digital Art volunteers to design special editions of NFTs, sell them on our platform, and donate part of the earns to social and eco causes. 

We also invite tech specialists to propose ways to solve challenges that can change the world. We need inspiring people to clean water, protect the jungle and reduce poverty around the world. 

Millions of ways to be a volunteer from the
digital world

You can be a volunteer and find a way to save the planet from your home. All what you have to do is to promote our mission, be part of our programs or create a new way of participating with us. We would love to have you being part of our team. We are the Coolest place to be a volunteer in the XXI century, and you are invited to be part of the change.

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