It is time to create your course

You are an instructor now. You can create your courses in the cathegory that you are an expert. For that, we reccomend to follow the next steps:

  1. Enter to your Dashboard and complete your profile.
  2. Clic in the button ADD NEW COURSE.
  3. Start creating your course, publish it and teach people how to change the world.


How to create a course?

You can either be the author of the course that you create or share a course that you want people to follow. Remember always redirect the students to the public channel where the course is hosted.

Let's create together a better planet

We look for individual teachers, institutions and communities that wants to take responsibility to improve the planet. Tell us how to create a better planet by teaching with us. You can either create an online course or be an online teacher in our platform

Change the world

Be part of
Share To Change

Share To Change is a non-profit association based in Barcelona – Spain. We aim to impact the whole globe, offering online courses and online classes to improve the planet. 

There are several ways to be part of our goals: you can be one beneficiary institution, be a volunteer be a teacher or a subscriber, and contribute supporting our causes.

Are you an Institution? Let us support your cause

We are creating a new way of cooperation between institutions. We believe that just working together, we can accelerate the change that the planet needs. 

If you are an institution in line with our goals, contact us. Let’s create new ways to improve the world together.