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We are an NGO that helps associations and communities to achieve their goals. Let us support your causes by working together using blockchain, E-learning, and Artificial Intelligence.


Institution Profiles

NGOs. We support causes by NGOs in social and environmental fields. We don’t support religious, governmental or political causes. If you have a project that aims to change the world, we can help you to develop it. 

Cultural institutions. We support art and cultural projects all round the world, specially by the use of blockchain and our NFT platform. If you are an art collector or investor, a museum or a gallery, we support your projects.

How it Works

We are an NGO that works for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals around the world. We support cultural, social, and environmental projects by Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and E-learning. 

Depending on your projects, we will connect you with our volunteers, experts in digital art and technology, and we will work together. Our platform will offer E-learning courses to teach your audience about your projects, offer beautiful digital cards to supporters, and propose digital challenges to solve the problems that you are working on. 

Discover new ways to achieve your goals by the newest technologies and the digital art.

The world is changing at the speed of vertigo. The new generations are finding new ways of participating in the world and are happy to do it in their way. We offer alternatives to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by inviting experts in new technologies to participate in this challenge.

We are fascinated by how technology is growing that fast. We love how the creativity of the young generation of today is able to change the world in multiple ways, with multiple tools. Furthermore, we want to support all the ways of digital art and make them help us to achieve our goal: to change the world through art and technology.  

This is why we believe that Blockchain technology, E-learning, and Artificial Intelligence can change the world. We want to invite the most brilliant minds on these topics and help them to make this world better in their own way. If you want your institution to be part of this revolution, join us! Let’s create together a better world.

We have hundreds of volunteers around the world

We have digital volunteers happy to work with you to achieve your goals. Our volunteers are experts in art and technology and will help you find the best way to support your projects. We invite new institutions to think outside the box and follow the advice of the young generation. Together, we will create a new way of cooperation between institutions, digital art producers, and tech experts. Let’s create a better world together!

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