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How it works

We are a non-profit association. We Share the knowledge that Changes the world. Learn languages, coding, marketing, and sustainable technology to transform the world, everything for free. We select the best students to have scholarships, internships, and jobs in emerging startups around the world.

You will train your skills in several dimensions, such as marketing, technology, product design, fundraising, communication, and many more.

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Start learning languages, business, marketing, social impact, and sustainable technology.

Let's create together a better planet

We believe in the talent of the new generation. Many industries are emerging today, creating a new shape of the world and discovering new talent and looking for extraordinary profiles to create a team together. We put you in contact with all the emerging industries on the startup field that are looking for you to be part of their teams. 

We encourage you to support emerging projects in the startup field. Getting in contact with founders and entrepreneurs, you will develop the skills to work in exciting projects and shape together a new world.

Learn for free and be part of the startups that are creating a new world thanks to technology.

Learn Code, Programming, and Technologies

Take one of our sponsored courses in the Technology field. Discover how to code, program and create technologies to develop projects. We encourage you to solve social and environmental problems by technology, but we also know that just to learn new skills will empower you to improve your profile. Take free courses and be ready for training your skills in emerging Startups.

Marketing, Design, and Communication

Marketing and communication are key skills to promote projects. Learn how to create digital marketing campaigns, how to design amazing posts with no-code tools, and how to promote an emerging project to attract more users and clients. Train your skills as an intern into emerging startups and take the opportunity to learn and work in a new industry. 

Learn Spanish, English and other languages

Working in an international context involves to develop language skills. to get better opportunities to improve your profile, learn a second language thanks to our teachers and sponsors.

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Share To Change

Share To Change is a non-profit association based in Barcelona – Spain. We aim to impact the whole globe, offering the newest technology as solutions to face the challenges of the planet. There are several ways to be part of our goals. First, you can be one of the beneficiary institutions of our projects; second, you can be a volunteer and help us to develop our projects; third, you can be a subscriber of our products and contribute with small amounts of money per month as a subscription.

Are you a Startup? Let us support your projects

We invite you to offer opportunities to our talent. Invite them to work on your projects, let them know how the startup ecosystem works, and get your projects done by their talent. 

New startups need new minds hungry for learning. Let them help you and give new energy to your projects.