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Our project aims to give people the option of having a better life. Either if you want to keep your profession or change it totally to get a better job, we will tell you what is the best option to you.

We will provide a list of agencies, professionals and experts that can guide you to find the best job abroad, where to open your own company or where your family can have the best quality of life.

Share to Change is a non-profit organization. WEYA is our most ambitious project.

We offer services of recruitment for professionals around the world. We match people who wants to migrate with companies that can help them. 

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Discover which jobs the company can offer to you. Verify if they can offer a job in your profession before to contact them.

  • Clasify your job offerts by profession
  • inform about the job localization
  • Share the requitments for the candidates to apply in the positions.

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