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  • We are a Non-Profit Association. All the incomes from our subscription, donations, and contributions, are addressed exclusively to the function of the organization and to support social, cultural, and eco causes. 
  • As a gesture of gratitude to all the people that help us to exist, we offer art digital cards in the format of NFT as a gift. These NFTs have no commercial value, but you can hold, collect, and even sell them in digital markets. WE DON’T ASSUME ANY COST ASSOCIATED WITH THE NFT.   
  • When you sell a NFT, we keep 5% of the transaction, in that way you continue helping while you get fun trading.
  • Being a partner, you get 100% free access to all the courses on our platform. We promote courses about sustainability, social change, clean energy, saving animal species, clean water, and many more. 
  • As a partner, you also can vote for sustainability projects that we support. We invite institutions to present their causes to our community and let us help them to achieve their goals. 
  • We also invite engineers to be part of our challenges. As a partner, you can design tech solutions to solve sustainable problems and get support from us and our partners.

Access to E-learning courses in sustainability 

Supporting cultural, social, and eco causes

Vote for the best Tech projects to save the planet.

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