Dr. Eduardo Kinderman

Founder of Job for Dentists. Specilist in helping dentists to migrate to the Netherlands from Spain, Portugal, Greece, and other countries from European Union

About Dr. Kinderman

Dr. Eduardo Kinderman is an example of superation and determination. Being an argentinian dentist, decided to migrate to Israel to develop his career at that country. During the Golgo war, he decided to move again with his family, this time to Spain. After the crisis of 2008, he decided to move again and definetelly, this time to the Netherlands, the best country to be a dentists, in his experienced eyes.

Now he is the founder of Job for Dentists, a headhunter agency that helps dentistry to work in the Netherlands. Job for Dentists offers preparation, Dutch language classes, accomodation, and job in some of the  most important clinics in the country.