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Be a traveler and discover different ways of earning money while knowing other countries and cultures.

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Travel as a content manager. Visit several countries and write histories to sale products and life experiences

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Manage social network accounts around the world. Earn money while promoting places around the world

Language Teacher

Travel and teach your native language around the world. Share with the world the beauty of your language and culture

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You can learn how to travel and work to the place of your preference. You also can learn the languages of the country where you want to migrate. You can also find agents, lawyers, and professionals who have already walked the path that you want to follow.

The hours you want. There is no limit on queries or time limits.

Once you make the payment, you will select the date and time you prefer the meeting. All meetings are held via videoconference.

The meetings are indicative. Share To Change does not offer jobs abroad, but some experts do. We carefully review each profile of our counselors, but we need your prudence and attention. Take very carefully the offers they can offer you. If you have any doubts about the veracity of an offer, contact us at

We review each of the profiles of professionals and agencies that offer guidance and training. We verify its authenticity under strict controls. However, we are not responsible for any actions or any promises they may offer you. We have created an attention email where you can report any possible fraud. Write to us at

We are a non-profit association. The resources obtained are used for the development of social projects. Our projects are based on the training of people in vulnerable situations. Once trained, people have access to job opportunities that allow them to live with dignity. If you are a person in a vulnerable situation and want to train, you can access our free courses.

We receive applications from expert profiles in advising people who wish to migrate. We also receive applications from experts who want to teach a foreign language, usually the languages of the destination countries of professionals seeking to migrate.

Payments are made by debit or credit card directly to Share to Change. We will pay the money to the expert once the scheduled consultation is carried out.

Anyone can sign up, receive advice from an expert or take classes with a teacher. However, we recommend requesting immigration advice from professionals with the possibility of validating titles in the country of destination or employees belonging to unions in high demand in the countries of destination. We strongly recommend against migrating irregularly.

Este portal se centra en soluciones migratorias en materia de educación y laboral, no somos especialistas en otros temas de migración.

Depending on where you are, we can offer you job training solutions and put you in touch with experts who can handle your case. Write us at

Why the
W.E.Y.A. Project

There are 281 million migrants around the world.

In general, migrants find it difficult to find employment, access occupations that match their education levels, and obtain adequate income. Lack of recognition of qualifications and experience, language skills, and discrimination can play a role in this regard.

The Share To Change Foundation has designed a platform to facilitate the targeted migration of professionals. Here you can find mentors according to your profession, immigration agencies for professionals, and language teachers who will prepare you to migrate safely and with employment.

We have a dual Goal:

1. Fight against irregular, risky and disoriented migration, advising professionals through agencies and experts.

2. Raise funds to educate and employ migrants and refugees, who have gone from a situation of poverty in their places of origin to a situation of misery and lack of protection abroad.

We help you migrate safely while we raise funds to help victims of irregular migration.

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