The newest technology for sustainable development

We use E-learning, Artificial Intelligence, and  Blockchain for social, cultural and eco projects

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Technologies can save the planet. Discover how the newest technologies are changing the life of millions

Our projects aim to put real technologies at the service of sustainable causes, either in social, environmental, or cultural fields. Our goal is to help people and institutions around the world to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, growing as fast as the newest technologies in the market.

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Discover how the newest technologies could help to build a better world. You can be part and donate, volunteer or propose your projects in our platform.

Let's create together a better planet

We look for volunteers, institutions and communities that wants to take responsibility to improve the planet. If you want to participate in an innovative way to make the change that you would like to see, we want you to work with us.

With the newest technologies as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and E-learning systems, sustainable projects can get more resources to achieve their goals. We look for creative volunteers to work together in the solutions for the challenges that the planet faces.  

Be part of this revolution, joying our projects. We look for tech profiles to develop technology, creative digital designers to design the tokens to support our causes, experts to teach sustainable projects, and many other profiles that help us to create a more clean and sustainable planet.

NFT Marketplace to support causes

Digital artists design exclusive Non Fungible Tokens inspired by cultural, social, and eco causes that we support. We address the resources for museums, galleries, associations, and communities that need resources to develop their projects. Buyers of NFT earn an unique and exclusive digital piece that identifies them as ambassadors of the cause. The piece can increase its value in the NFT market and make the helper earn more money than the invested in the cause.

AI technologies to save the Planet

We challenge our volunteer engineers to develop Artificial Intelligence systems to solve sustainable development challenges. We address the founds that we get in our activity to support new systems and inventions that can clean the oceans, spread projects to develop clean energy, and safe animal species in risk of extinction.  

E-learning for sustainability

We develop a platform to share educative projects for sustainability. Any institution can share their E-learning projects to teach people how to create a better world. The classes are available for anyone that wants to learn how to build electric cars, create systems for recycling plastic, build clean energy systems and many other ways to make the world more clean and sustainable

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Share To Change

Share To Change is a non-profit association based in Barcelona – Spain. We aim to impact the whole globe, offering the newest technology as solutions to face the challenges of the planet. There are several ways to be part of our goals. First, you can be one of the beneficiary institutions of our projects; second, you can be a volunteer and help us to develop our projects; third, you can be a subscriber of our products and contribute with small amounts of money per month as a subscription.

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Volunteer Profiles

Tech. We invite experienced tech profiles, with or without title, to join our volunteer teams to develop technology solutions to face the challenges of the planet. We require specially the cooperation of experts in Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence 

Digital Artists. We invite digital artists to join our projects for the design of beautiful pieces of art inspired by the causes that we support. We invite designers with a special sensibility for eco and social projects.

Are you an Institution? Let us support your cause

We are creating a new way of cooperation between institutions. We believe that just working together, we can accelerate the change that the planet needs. 

If you are an institution in line with our goals, contact us. Let’s create new ways to improve the world together.