Hammershoi at Poland

Share To Change supports the exhibition of the Polish National Museum

Light And Silence

For the first time in the History, Poland National museum organize the biggest exhibition of the danish artist Vilhelm Hammershoi.  Be part of Share To Change and help us to support this exhibition. Discover how. 

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qG0I0UAY2wc[/embedyt]


We are glad to announce our participation in the exhibition Kopenhaga Hammershoia, at the Concordia Space, in the City of Poznan – Poland.

This exhibition is part of a bigger project: the first exhibition of the Danish artist, Vilhelm Hammershoi, developed in Poland, Light and Silence.

For this special occasion, we support the alternative exhibition together with Concordia Design, Filipiak Babiccz Expert House, and Mishka Creative Studio.


The Exhibition of Hammershoi in the National Museum of Poznan – Poland, is going to be open the next November 21st, 2021. During this exhibition, Share To Change will share with you some updates and the importance of the exhibition in the whole country. 

If you want us to support your cultural exhibition, your private gallery, or even some pieces in a collection created by yourself, just send us a message, and we will be grateful to promote it and to put all our technology to make it successful.

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